Public Hearing

Monday, January 13 @ 5:30 pm - 6:00 pm

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Village Hall
117 Fiske St. Lincoln, MI 48742 United States


The Village of Lincoln Planning Commission will hold 2 public hearings on January 13, 2020, Monday.

Beginning at 5:30 PM, the Planning Commission will hold a public hearing on the Grease Trap Ordinance in Restaurant’s, which will amend the Village Zoning Ordinance.

The second public hearing will be held at 5:45 PM regarding the 2020 Village of Lincoln Parks and Recreation Plan.

The hearings will be held at the Village Hall located at: 114 W. Fiske Street, Lincoln, MI.

Copies are available for Public Review at the following locations:

  1. Village Web Site
  2. The Lincoln Branch of the Alcona County Public Library
  3. The Lincoln Branch of the Alcona County Commission on Aging (Senior Citizens Center)

The event is finished.