September 2008 Council Mtg


SEPTEMBER 8th, 2008


The Lincoln Village Council met on Monday September 8th at 7 p.m. at the Village Hall.  Meeting opened with the Pledge of Allegiance.  Those present included; President Jordan, Treasurer Kossa, Clerk Somers, Deputy Clerk/Treasurer Stutzman and Council Members; Gauthier, Horn, Kennard, Lask, Naylor and Somers.  Also present were Attorney Cook and guests.
Minutes of the August meeting were approved on a motion from Horn with support from Somers.  Treasurerís report was approved subject to audit on a motion from Horn with support from Gauthier. 
Zoning Administrator, Troy Somers brought the board up to date on contacts he has made with property owners concerning blight issues.   He will be working with Attorney Cook to send letters to those who have not been in compliance with cleaning up their properties.
Joan Gonyea, Planning Chairperson stated that a new ordinance needs to be enacted in order for the Planning Commission to operate.  A motion was made by Horn with support from Kennard to adopt the ordinance pursuant to the laws of the State of Michigan.  Roll call vote was taken; Gauthier, Horn, Kennard, Lask, Naylor and Somers, all yea.  The new ordinance is being published in the classified ad section of The Alcona County Review.  Attorney Cook advised that any issues arising from the new ordinance should be addressed at the next meeting of the Council.
Council members discussed sending a letter of support to investors of a proposed Bio-diesel plant.  Recently President Jordan, Joan Gonyea, Ron Kennard and Bob Jones visited a crushing facility in Ubly.  In order to have a Bio-diesel plant a crushing plant will also be necessary in the area.  All who visited the crushing plant stated that they were very impressed with the entire operation.  A motion was made by Kennard with support from Gauthier to develop a letter of support to Bio-diesel plant investors to ask them to come to Lincoln.  Council member Horn asked for a discussion on the motion.  Horn asked to have it noted that President Jordan is authorized to sign for the Council.  Motion carried.
 Council Member Kennard stated that as part of the grant application for funds for the Barlow Road Park we need to hire an Engineering firm.  Kennard and President Jordan met with Connie Houk of Wilcox Engineering recently to discuss what needs to be done.  Kennard and Jordan stated that they spent time in the park complex going over details of the grant application.  They stated that with Connieís help we can enhance the grant application process and move forward.  A motion was made by Horn with support from Somers to hire Wilcox Engineering to review and enhance the Barlow Road grant application. The fee for this service is $3,160.00. This fee is the responsibility of the Village of Lincoln.  Wilcox Engineering has reviewed our application and will be responsible for the following:  (A.) Preliminary Engineering (B.) Construction Oversight(C.) Testing and Inspection.  The fee for this service is $37,500.00.  This fee will be reimbursable through our MDNRTF grant application.  The Village of Lincoln will be responsible for a 30% match. Motion Carried. 
Council Member Kennard asked about the status of the Fire Departments hiring procedures.  Following a discussion a motion was made by Kennard with support from Horn to impose a hiring freeze of Fire Department personnel until a council approved hiring procedure is in place.  Carried.
In old business Somers asked for Council Members ideas on the repaving of Alger Street.  Kennard stated that he feels it should wait until next year and be included in the upcoming budget planning sessions.  Horn stated that since it is not an emergency it should wait.  Gauthier and Lask stated that they havenít looked at it.  Horn then made a motion to untable the discussion of the Alger Street project that had been tabled at the August meeting.  Kennard offered support. Motion carried.  Horn made a motion to discuss the paving project at budget meetings for the next year.  Kennard gave support.  Motion carried. 
In new business Horn stated that he has been receiving phone calls regarding kids in the Flights of Imagination Park area causing problems.  Kennard stated that he feels more Sheriffs Department patrols are needed in the Lincoln area during functions in and around the area.  There were multiple incidents of vandalism over the past month during the County fair.  Council members agreed that a letter should be sent to the fair board urging them to request more police presence in the area during such times.
President Jordan introduced Eileen Oposnow to Council members.  She will be responsible for inputting data to the Villageís new website.  Eileen has been working with Council Member Gauthier to get the website going.  The web address is;  President Jordan thanked the Lincoln Lions, Connie and John Stutzman, Ron Kennard and Gary D. Horn for their help in resealing the Flights of Imagination Playground.  Bathroom facilities at the complex are nearing completion.  Jordan stated that the dedication of Mills Industrial Drive went very well.  Thanks to Mary Kossa and Connie Stutzman for putting it all together.  Council Members discussed what needs to be done regarding a telephone provider.  Treasurer Kossa has been checking costs and services.  A motion was made by Kennard with support from Gauthier to authorize Kossa to change the Village telephone service from Verizon to Charter.  She will report back at the next meeting.
Members of the Human Resource Committee have been working over the past few months to develop job descriptions, work policies and a new credit card policy.  Council Members were given materials to read over and will discuss the issue at next months meeting.
In individual reports Naylor thanked Dick and Trevor for the good work they did on the sidewalk replacement. 
In public comment Harry Harvey urged Council Members to continue pursuing a snowmobile trail for the Village.  He stated the process can take a very long time.  Terry Lipscomb gave a presentation of the Headstart to Highschool red, white and blue program for Alcona School students.  She asked for the Councilís support to continue the program.  The contest is open to all students in the local school district.  A motion was made by horn with support from Kennard to send a letter to support for the program.  Motion carried.
Correspondence was read.  A motion was made by Horn with support from Kennard to amend the budget.  To take $2,500 from Capital Outlay to Equipment Rental in Parks and Recreation.  Motion Carried.  A motion to pay the bills as presented was made by Horn with support from Kennard.  Motion carried.  Motion to adjourn was made by Horn with support from Gauthier.  Motion carried. 


Linda K. Somers

Village Clerk

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