Sept 2014

September 2, 2014

Lincoln Village Council met on Tuesday September 2, 2014 at 7 p.m. at the Village Hall.  Meeting was opened with the Pledge of Allegiance.  Those in attendance included President Jordan, Treasurer Kossa, Clerk Somers and Council Members Gauthier, Healy, Naylor, Phillips, Somers and Stutzman.  Also present were several guests and Attorney Cook.

Minutes of the August meeting were approved on a motion from Gauthier with support from Phillips.  The Treasurerís report was approves subject to audit on a motion from Gauthier with support from Stutzman.  

Mike Serafin, fire chief gave his report.  He presented Anthony Escareno for approval as the new Assistant Fire Chief.  Motion was made by Gauthier with support from Stutzman to approve Tony as the new assistant fire chief.  Motion carried.  Emily Palmer was presented for approval as a new fire fighter. Motion was made by Gauthier with support from Phillips to approve Emily as a new firefighter.  Motion carried.  Fire Chief Serafin also stated that he has another person to present at a later meeting for approval.  This past month has been a very busy month in both the fire department and for the first responders.  President Jordan thanked Mike for his effort in working on rebuilding the department with new faces.  

In Public Comment time, Peggy Somers stated that she is very pleased with all the things that are going on in the Village.  She said it is beautiful at Christmas time.  She expressed concern about the number of businesses that are closing.  President Jordan said there are several things in the works and he hopes to see things pick up soon.  Debbie Burbank asked about the large number of properties in the county that are abandoned or burned partially.  She is concerned about what direction things are going. If these issues arenít taken care of theyíll only get worse.  President Jordan stated that we are only responsible for an area that covers 1 square mile and we still have a ways to go to get things finished.  He said we are a work in constant progress.  Constance Stutzman stated that the Planning Commission will be meeting on September 18th at the Village Hall.  The updated Ordinances have been adopted and are effective as of August 21st.  President Jordan thanked Maintenance man Steve Slater for his hard work.

President Jordan gave the street report.  He said we will be holding up on crack sealing until after the work is completed on Main Street.  The project is planned for either September 8th or 15th.  It is expected to take about 3 or 4 days to complete.  He asked residents to be patient during the procedure.  Jesse Campbell of the Road Commission has been in contact with Phil.  A report was done recently with a group from the state that rates the roads in the area.  He hopes to present it at next monthsí meeting.  Stutzman asked about the issue of water pooling in front of the Outdoor Center.  President Jordan stated that it will be covered with funds from the DDA.  He is pushing to have the work completed before they years end.  A sewer report was given on behalf of Alpena Septic/Richard Gillespie.  Everything is operating normally.

In new business, Naylor stated that he was contacted by a resident about dog mess left behind on the sidewalks.  Jordan stated that if we observe it happening the owner should be asked to take care of it.  He further stated that there is a bad grill in the Barlow Road Park.  It will be addressed during the winter.  Jordan stated that the grills at the Flights of Imagination are being used quite heavily.  Phillips asked about boats that are in the swim area chained up.  He also stated that there are some downed limbs that need to be cleaned up in the parks.  Somers asked about the status of a home that needs to be cleaned up.  Jordan will have Zoning Administrator Troy Somers look into it.  Dick stated that he and Josh Pagels spent several hours working on the new ball field. He also addressed a couple of washouts that need to be fixed.  President Jordan thanked Dick Somers and Josh Pages for their work on the ball field. 

In old business, Phillips asked about moving a picnic table that is broken from Barlow Road Park.  He expressed concern about a hole that is in need of being filled in there also.  He asked about the leak that we were working on last month.  President Jordan stated that Dick Somers, Steve Slater and Randy and William Smith from the Road Commission worked on it and it appears to be working very well.  Thanks to all of the above for their work on the repair of the water leak.  Gauthier asked about the problems with the kids skateboarding around businesses.  There were reports of incidents where they were deliberately darting in front of cars.  President Jordan has tried to get them to stop using the streets and business parking lots; he has offered to allow them use of the tennis courts for skateboarding.  However, they are continuing to go where they arenít supposed to be going.  Stutzman stated that he has checked prices on picnic tables in the area.  He found prices ranging from $169 to $450.  President Jordan asked him to wait until the budget meeting to address the issue.  He asked about the ball team that normally comes during August for tournament play.  They had wanted to use the park for camping and they were told that we will try to meet the requirements for a temporary campground. The group was asked to come to a Council meeting and speak about their concerns.  Council Members agreed that if the group wants to use the park in the future they need to address the issue.  Stutzman asked about the car show.  Jordan stated that despite the rainy weather things turned out pretty well.  Only about half of the normal people and cars participated this year. President Jordan said that since John had asked in a prior meeting about the trees that appear to be dying downtown they are being attended to by the Beautification Committee. It is hoped that they will be spared.  Stutzman asked about the irrigation problem that is used for the trees.  It will probably be addressed in the spring.

President Jordan gave his report.  He is asking the Lincoln Lions to help get several things done. He is asking for floating swim docks, bleachers at the ball fields, a pavilion at the Flights of Imagination area, horse shoe pits at the park, more picnic tables to be added to the park, maintain a park or the beach area, consider a plant a tree program and have a work bee for putting the mulch around the playground.  He gave out copies of the DDA budget for approval.  Stutzman objected to the fire mileage collected from Gustin township that is included as part of their income.  President Jordan stated that Stutzman should contact them to address his concerns.  Stutzman said he feels they have more money than the Village does and he thinks we need to consider getting rid of them when their contract is up.  He asked several questions and said he feels everything is a secret.  Gauthier urged him to go to the DDA meetings and find out for himself.  She said these things are talked about in the meetings and he can check it out. Motion was made by Gauthier with support from Healy to adopt the DDA budget.  Motion carried.  Phillips and Stutzman abstained.  The DDA budget follows: 
Estimated Balance from 2014
Interest                  100.00
TIFFA Alcona County             44,826.00
TIFFA Gustin Twp.               6,465.00
TIFFA Gustin Fire Mileage               9,365.00
TIFFA Village of Lincoln             80,968.00
SUBTOTAL          141,724.00
TIFFA Pass-through:
MSU Extension               1,310.00
Library                       4,682.00
Gustin Township Road                         18,680.00
ACCOA               4,781.00
Ambulance                       9,365.00
SUBTOTAL           40,917.00
TOTAL INCOME         $416,945.00
Administrative          500.00
Beautification               3,000.00
DDA Consultant              24,000.00
Economic Development      63,200.00
Financial Audits                2,100.00
Fire Department                4,800.00
Legal Fees           500.00
Membership Per Diem                 3,600.00
Village Administrative Fee               20,000.00
SUBTOTAL        121,700.00
Pass-through Reimbursements
MSU Extension Office                  1,310.00
Library                  4,682.00
Gustin Township Road                18,680.00
ACCOA                4,781.00
Ambulance               9,365.00
SUBTOTAL          38,818.00
TOTAL EXPENSES                160,518.00
FUND BALANCE      $256,427.00

A porta-potty was burned at the beach.  Attorney Cook said that we are probably not responsible for replacement since there isnít a signed rental agreement/contract.  Several trees have been cleaned up in the parks.  There are more trees that need to be taken out at the beach area.  The swim platforms and buoys will be taken out within the month.  The Brownlee Lake Association Has volunteered to take the dock and buoys in and out of the lake. Grading of Barlow Road should be done within the next few weeks.   A work bee will be held at the Flights of Imagination soon. He urged Council Members to participate.  

Motion to pay the bills as presented was made by Gauthier with support from Stutzman.  Carried.  Motion to adjourn was made by Gauthier with support from Stutzman.  Carried.

Linda K. Somers
Village Clerk

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