Sept 2013


September 3, 2013


The Lincoln Village Council met on Tuesday September 3, 2013, at 7 p.m. at the Village Hall.  Meeting opened with the Pledge of Allegiance.  Present included President Jordan, Treasurer Kossa, Clerk Somers, and Council Members: Healy, Phillips, Naylor, Somers and Stutzman.  Council Member Gauthier was absent.  Attorney David Cook was also in attendance. 

Minutes of the August meeting were approved on a motion by Healy/Stutzman.  Treasurer’s report was approved subject to audit on a motion from Somers/Stutzman. Treasurer Kossa stated that the Fibar mulch for the playground has been paid for and we are awaiting repayment from grant funds.  Also the fencing for the ball field has been paid for and will be reimbursed through grant funds and money from the Little League.  She further stated that she has received a request for having a plaque to be placed at the old railroad turnaround.  More information will be coming at a future meeting.

Carol Plunkey representing Pine River Water Shed appeared before the Council to update them about activities in that area. She stated that the water from the area flows down into the Pine River and eventually ends up in VanEtten Lake.  Carol said that problems that occur in the upper areas of the watershed end being a larger problem by the time it reaches the Lake.  She stated that the group has been working in partnership with the County Commissioners and individual entities and the Road Commission to address ways to fix severe problem areas.  Soil erosion, sediment and non invasive species are all issues they are working on. The group also does water quality testing.  She gave brochures out for anyone interested. 

Fire Chief Leroy Hall stated that it has been an extremely busy month.  He stated that the department’s equipment is in good shape currently.  


President Jordan spoke about the proposed amended ordinance 83-1 that was presented for consideration at the August meeting.  It has been decided to hold off on pursuing the Ordinance at this time. President Jordan stated that he has been in contact with Dave Schmitz from District Health Department #2 regarding the possibility of using Barlow Road Park for camping for special events.  There would have to be water testing and chlorination done yearly as well as having an agreement with a local park for disposal of sewage and/or gray water.  A meeting is going to be held with members of the ball players group and others who would be involved.  President Jordan asked for Council Members to be a part of a committee to work on a solution that would be beneficial for everyone.  It was suggested that we table the Ordinance and hold meetings to address concerns.  Motion by Stutzman/Healy to table Ordinance 83-1.  Motion carried.  Phil Naylor, Dick Somers, Bonny Gauthier and President Jordan will work on the committee. 

Maintenance continues on the Sewer system.  Somers stated that there is trouble with one of the pumps.  He will be taking it in for repairs.  The striping has been done on the Village streets.  President Jordan asked for written reports at the next meeting. 


In Old Business Phil Phillips will be installing the doggy clean-up stations soon.  He stated that he has been working with Somers to get the sewer system up to speed.  He congratulated everyone who worked on the Lincoln Lions car show and downhill derby.  Phillips will be getting estimates on the riding lawn mowers that we still own.  He will report back at the next meeting.  Somers stated that there is work needed on the John Deere tractor.  Jordan has contacted Kenny LaLonde about servicing our equipment.  Phillips will be putting decals on Village trucks/equipment before winter to warn people to stay back.  Stutzman stated that the Flights of Imagination park area looks very nice. 


In new business Stutzman asked about the plan for plowing sidewalks this winter. He was assured that it will be taken care of. 


President Jordan gave his report.  Jordan has been in contact with Gary Bartow regarding the water issue on Second Street.  The issue was brought up at the August meeting and there was concern about whether or not it was a problem that had to do with the Engineering of the new roadway during the Streetscape Project.  The project engineer will be coming to look at the area within the next week. 

Planning commission will be meeting on September 19th at 6 p.m.  We are no longer in the running for the façade grant.  Originally we had applied to have 4 businesses worked on and 2 were eliminated several months ago.  Cost to oversee it is too costly so all participants have agreed to drop the plan.  Bathrooms near the ball fields have been painted and look very nice.  Thanks to Dick for doing a wonderful job!!  The Flights of Imagination has been re-done and is beautiful.  President Jordan thanked everyone who worked on the project – Thank You all for your hard work!!  Special thanks to Teresa Hart and Naomi Potter for overseeing the project.  Thanks to Richard Franklin for the awesome job he did on painting at the playground!  The fencing on the ball field has been fixed.  President Jordan asked that the dock at the boat launch be pulled up and stained.  A soft bumper will be placed around the edges to keep boats from being damaged.  The pontoon dock will be taken out soon and will be taken for repairs to the ladder.  President Jordan thanked everyone for the fabulous job on the car show.

Motion by Stutzman/Healy to pay the bills.  Motion carried. 

Motion to adjourn by Stutzman/Healy.  Carried. 

Linda K. Somers

Village Clerk

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