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Public Input Session


Village Council Members met on Monday September 8th at 6:30 p.m. for a public input session regarding a proposed snowmobile trail.  Those present included; President Jordan, Treasurer Kossa, Clerk Somers, Deputy Clerk/Treasurer Stutzman and Council Members: Horn, Kennard, Lask, Naylor and Somers.  Absent; Gauthier.  Also in attendance were several guests.

President Jordan spoke about the possibility of having a snowmobile trail going through the Village.  He stated that he has spoken with many business owners and received favorable reports.  Jordan expects the project could take 1 to 3 years to complete.  He stated that many private landowners are not in favor of having the trail cross their properties so it appears much of the trail would have to be on state and federal lands.  Jordan stated that he has talked with business owners in the Barton City area and they are happy to have a trail in place there.  He believes it could be beneficial for Lincoln as well.  Council Members agreed that we should move forward with trying to move forward in getting a trail through town.
Harry Harvey stated that he has worked on the trail system as a member of the Parks and Recreation Committee for Alcona County.  He stated that it can take 7 years or more to get everything wrapped up.  He stated that the first step is to present a proposed trail area to the Parks and Recreation Committee. The Parks and Recreation Committee then presents the plan to the County Commissioners for approval.  After that approval must be obtained from the state, DEQ, and federal government where the trail will be crossing.  Harry stated that snowmobiling is a 40 million dollar industry for the Upper Peninsula. He suggested speaking with Gary Somers of Barton City about his views on the trail system there.  
Charles and Harriett Flanders asked what the alternative plans are if private property owners are not willing to give right of ways to the proposed trail system.  President Jordan stated that state and federal land could possibly be used to bring the trail into Lincoln.  He stated that perhaps it could be brought along Lake Street to Main then down Second Street to Traverse Bay before proceeding to the ARA site.  Jordan said that is one consideration.  The Flandersí would like to have a copy of the proposed trail when it is prepared.  They further stated that they arenít opposed to having a trail but simply they donít want it on their property.
President Jordan gave an overview of the Kalkaska snowmobile trail policies.  He stated that so far officials there are generally happy with having the trail through their town.
Council Members are interested in pursuing a snowmobile trail in Lincoln.  Harvey invited them to the Parks and Recreation meeting that will be held later this month.
The special meeting was closed at 7:03 p.m.


Linda K. Somers

Village Clerk





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