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NOVEMBER 5, 2012

Lincoln Village Council met on Monday November 5, 2012 at 7 p.m. at the Village Hall. Meeting opened with the Pledge of Allegiance. Present included: President Jordan, Treasurer Kossa, Clerk Somers, Deputy Clerk/Treasurer Stutzman and Council Members Healy, Lask, Naylor, Somers and Stutzman. Council Members Bonny Gauthier and Kristin Lask were absent. Also present were several guests and Attorney David Cook.

Minutes of the October meeting were approved on a motion from Healy with support from Stutzman. The Treasurerís report was approved subject to audit on a motion from Somers with support from Naylor.

In Public Comment time Glen Kohn addressed the Council. He introduced the new pastor of the Trinity Lutheran Church in town. Pastor Jacob Schwartz is a recent graduate from the seminary in Wisconsin. He and his wife have 2 small children and he expressed his happiness in moving to Lincoln. Janette Richardson introduced herself to the Council. She is running for Clerk in Hawes Township as a non-partisan. Janette stated that she simply wants to give an equal and fair voice to all the residents of the township. She asked for support for those who reside in Hawes. Phil Phillips former resident of Venice Florida introduced himself. He recently retired and moved to Lincoln with his wife Vickie. They are currently building a new home on Lake Street. Kathy Putsky asked about the status of mobile homes along Traverse Bay Street. President Jordan stated that he has spoken with the owner and our zoning administrator. Kathy stated that there is a lot of garbage and just a general bad appearance surrounding them. Kathy also stated that she is very pleased with how well things turned out at the Trick or Trunk and Chili Cook-off events. Deb Shaneour asked about placement of benches along the sidewalks in the downtown region. President Jordan stated that they are going to leave them where they are and see how it goes for this year. He stated that if they were put beside the maintenance garage they would still be exposed to the elements.

Richard Somers stated that he sent in his monthly sewer report and things are going good. He is a little concerned with the solar batteries that run the dosing system. He will have them tested again in the spring. Dick is hoping to return to work soon.
In old business
Stutzman stated that they were able to get 11 of 13 drains pumped that needed it before winter. He also said he cleaned some pine needles out of a drain along Traverse Bay Street.
John stated that the Quilt Trail has been added to the Village Website. He said the old dead flowers have been pulled at the Flights of Imaginations playground. Sara Healy stated that bake sales will be held on the 10th and 17th of November in front of the Lincoln Outdoor Center to benefit the Flights of Imagination mulch project. Items may be dropped off with Theresa Hart, Naomi Potter or at the Outdoor Center. Sara stated that she has ordered more lights for the light poles but they arenít here yet.
Phil Naylor stated that he has been contacted by members of the Masonic temple regarding a washout from the recent rains. He presented pictures of the damage and President Jordan will look into it yet this week.
Fire Chief Leroy Hall stated that the rescue rig has recently been recertified. He said he is waiting for word on the garage door and having it replaced. Overall it has been a fairly quiet month. President Jordan asked that bills be pre-approved especially for the large repairs. A list is needed for all fire equipment. Leroy will work with President Jordan at a monthly meeting to iron out some of the issues. President Jordan said he was asked about leaf burning within the Village and he said we prohibited leaf or trash burning within the Village limits as that is a state regulation also. He would like to see this adhered to.

President Jordan thanked Dave James and Don Read for their work in getting us ready for the winter season. They removed a tree, fixed a water leak and drained water lines in preparation for the colder months. He also thanked the vendors at the Farmerís Market held at the ARA site. Hawley Street has been repaved from Second to Church Street and Fiske Street has been repaved from Second to Lake Streets. President Jordan stated that we will continue to do roadwork yearly and he hopes to get more sidewalks installed. A meeting was held with representatives of the US Postal Service recently. President Jordan thanked members of the Fire Department for their help in moving trucks out of the garage and putting chairs up. The meeting was well attended and the results were very encouraging. Thanks go to Teresa Hart and Naomi Potter for their work on the Trick or Trunk and Soup & Chili Cook-off. Over 300 regular cups were sold and 50 additional cups were sold. First place in the Chili Cook-off went to Dave Snyder. Kirk Sherwood took first place for his Potato Soup. Jim Hart placed a barricade to protect the driveway culvert at the Senior Citizens Center. Mary will be picking up several artificial trees tomorrow for the planned display along Second Street. She needs help in putting them together. Several people will join in to help put the lights on the trees along Second Street. The Festival of Lights will be Friday December 7th beginning at 5 p.m. It is hoped that we will be able to have the trees lit Thanksgiving night. Residents are encouraged to participate in decorating their homes and businesses. A plaque of appreciation was given to Philip Naylor for his years of service to the Council. President Jordan wished everybody a Happy Thanksgiving.

Motion to pay the bills as presented was made by Stutzman with support from Somers. Carried. Motion to adjourn was made by Naylor with support from Stutzman. Motion carried.

Linda K. Somers

Village Clerk

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