March 2012



March 5, 2012


The Lincoln Village Council met on Monday March 5, 2012 at 7 P.M. at the Village Hall.  Meeting opened with the Pledge of Allegiance.  Those in attendance included: President Jordan, Treasurer Kossa, Clerk Somers, Deputy Clerk/Treasurer Stutzman and Council Members Gauthier, Healy, Naylor, Somers and Stutzman. Absent was Council Member Lask.  Also present were several guests and Attorney Cook.

Request for a variance was read from Ted Shaneour for the Zoning Board of Appeals.  Letters were sent out to property owners within 300’ of the property.  Troy Somers, Zoning Administrator stated that he had originally turned down the request because it did not meet the requirements set forth in the Zoning Ordinances.  Troy expressed concern about granting the variance because in the past one a similar request was turned down.  President Jordan stated that we have to look forward for 25 to 30 years and that we need to be fair in our decision.  Attorney Cook asked about looking to see if there is a hardship that may apply because of anything that would distinguish this request from any others past or present.  He stated that it is possible because of lot sizes being different in the Brownlee Lake subdivision.   Joan Gonyea spoke in favor of allowing the variance.  She felt the request was favorable because it will improve the looks of the property.  Council Member Somers expressed concern about whether ditches could be put there in the future.  President Jordan is concerned about whether guard rails, and or fencing would be requested for this property.  Letters of support were read from 3 more property owners.  Council Members were offered the opportunity to speak for or against.  Bonny Gauthier stated that she is concerned about setting a precedent and having to allow future variance requests in the same manner.  She said that in view of all the good things the Shaneours have done for the community she would like to be able to grant the request.  However she has concern about future requests.  A motion was then made by Gauthier with support from Stutzman to turn down the variance request.  Motion carried.  Ted Shaneour thanked the Council/Zoning Board of Appeals for their consideration in the matter.
Minutes of the February meeting were approved on a motion from Gauthier with support from Somers.  Motion carried.  Treasurer’s report was approved subject to audit on a motion from Gauthier with support from Somers.  Treasurer Kossa advised that spending should be kept down as much as possible in an effort to build our funds back up. 
Leroy Hall, fire chief stated that it has been a slow month and he is working on a new grant.  Good progress is being made on the brush rig.  Kossa asked about work on the emergency plan for the Village.  President Jordan stated that he would like to see the department start working on the project.

In public comment Evelyn Good presented the DDA budget for consideration.  President Jordan thanked Evelyn and DDA members for all the good work that has been done in the village this past year.  A motion was made by Gauthier with support from Somers to approve the DDA budget. The DDA Budget follows:




Estimated Balance from 2011/2012









Land Contract



TIFFA Alcona County




TIFFA Gustin County



TIFFA Gustin Twp. Fire Millage



TIFFA Village of Lincoln







TIFFA Passthrough



Hunt Program


















DDA Consultant



Economic Development



Financial Audits



Fire Department



Legal Fees



Irrigation System



Membership Per Diem



Mobile Equipment



Snow Removal Equipment






Passthrough Reimbursements

















Motion carried.  Planning Chairperson Connie Stutzman stated that the Planning commission will be holding another meeting on March 15th at 6 p.m. with representatives from Gustin Township.

In old business Healy asked about the snow removal on the sidewalks.  President Jordan stated that he hopes to have things cleaned up this week.  She asked about whether Ron Stout will be in charge of the cleanup.  Jordan stated that Ron will continue doing snow removal as agreed at the January meeting, and this incident was not his fault. Gauthier stated that she needs figures from the ball team coaches/managers for the grant she is applying for.  She has all the paperwork finished with the exception of price quotes.  This information is needed soon as the deadline for application is April 1st.

In new business Stutzman stated that he will be taking 4 flower boxes for use at the Flights of Imagination area.  Somers stated that he will have the sidewalks completely cleared tomorrow morning.  Naylor stated that he was contacted about the traveling plaque from the Light up the Village contest in December.  Healy will check into this matter. 

President Jordan stated that the recent drama club play at the Senior Citizen Center was outstanding.  He said there was an excellent turnout and the dinner, play, decorations and music were great.  He stated that all the funding has been received for the streetscape grants along Second and Traverse Bay Streets.  He commended everyone involved in the grant processes.  He said the next grant we are hoping to garner is for the facades of 4 area businesses.  This particular grant will not cost the village any money. County Commissioner Kevin Boyat contacted President Jordan regarding our streetscape project.  Boyat is interested in helping Glennie with their application for funds.  Jordan will be working with them to provide any help he can.  Request was received for allowing our bleachers to be used at the ARA site in August.  As long as we do not have any use for them Council Members agreed that it is ok to loan them out.


Motion to pay the bills as presented was made by Gauthier with support from Stutzman.  Motion carried.


Motion to adjourn was made by Stutzman with support from Healy.  Motion carried.


Linda K. Somers

Village Clerk


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