March 2010 DDA Minutes


March 2010 DDA Minutes


Village of Lincoln

Downtown Development Authority

Meeting Minutes

Mar 9, 2010


Present:   E. Good, J. Gonyea, P. Jordan, Bob Jones,  D. Gillies, D. Kruttlin, B. Ankner, K Schwartz


Absent: D. James, J. James


 Guests:  Gary Horn, Teresa Hart

                 Pete Cambier, Gary Bartow—Fleis Consultants

                 Judy Labadie- President, Huron Shores Chamber of Commerce                    

                  Jim Pyne- Member Huron Shores Chamber of Commerce

Call to Order: Meeting called to order by V-President, D. Kruttlin at 7:03 p.m.


Pledge of Allegiance was said.


Presentation from Huron Shores Chamber of Commerce

Judy Labadie and Jim Pyne came to stress that that the Huron Shores Chamber of Commerce is emphasizing that it is a county wide organization.  Their web site is  and they meet the 2nd Wed of each month, except July, at 6 pm in the Harrisville Library.   Much discussion was made as to what they hope to accomplish in the future. 


Minutes: Motion made by Kathy Schwartz, 2nd by Evelyn Good to approve minutes of Feb 9, 2010. All approved.  Motion passed.


Treasurer’s report:  Motion by Kathy Schwartz, 2nd by Joan Gonyea  for approval of  February, 2010 report, subject to audit.  Motion approved and passed.



DDA Director





MARCH 5, 2010


The following is a report of the activities of Bob Jones of Michigan Enterprises on behalf of the Lincoln DDA for the period of February 5 to March 5. Numbers refer to hours spent.


    1. Demolition Blight Grant (8) – We took pictures of downtown Lincoln and submitted them along with the extensive completed Environmental Review documents to the Michigan State Historical Preservation Office. Much of the Environmental Review is research on the various properties in the downtown area with special emphasis on the two buildings to be demolished. When we receive a response, we send that response plus a checklist of items to MEDC. After they review all the Environmental Review information they then approve of the final grant and we can then begin to take bids and make commitments on the grant funds, and we make an official application for release of funds. This Environmental Review should be approved in May, and the bids be prepared and sent out in June. Contracts will be awarded in July. Work will be done in August, and project closeout will be in September.
    2. Second Street Streetscape Grant (20) – We prepared the documents for the public hearing including placing ads in the Alcona Review, which ran February 24 and March 3. We also prepared notices for the public hearing which Phil Jordan circulated at the village hall, the post office, the senior citizens center and apartments. When the public hearing is completed we then add some verification documents and submit these to MEDC as the official application. The Environmental Review is then compiled through Gary Bartow of Fleis & Vandenbrink working with Pete Cambier, who takes more pictures and does paperwork and submits the documents with the engineering estimates to the State Historical Preservation Office (SHPO). The Environmental Review period, the Preliminary Engineering, and Design Engineering are scheduled to be completed in June. The bidding period follows with construction to begin in August and be finished by December.
    1. Traverse Bay Street (8) During this past month we have reviewed various scenarios for a streetscape using MEDC grant funds and local match. We have concluded that the MDOT grant funds need too much village match money, so we recommend that the MDOT grant be dropped. The various scenarios have the sidewalk being constructed on the couth side of Traverse Bay Street, both sides, and from Second Street to Church Street, and coinciding streetlight and other amenities. We had to submit a Notice of Intent by February 22 to reserve funding for Traverse Bay Street, which we did.  Gary Bartow of Fleis & Vandenbrink will be at the public hearing and the DDA meeting to provide pricing information on all projects. Pete Cambier, who works as a private consultant for Fleis & Vandenbrink and now will have an office in McBain, will also be in Lincoln to acquaint himself with Lincoln.
    1. Façade Grant Program (2) At the February DDA Board meeting it was decided

that the grant recipients would either be in the DDA district or include all businesses in the Village, and to check with Kent Kukuk of MEDC for guidelines. I checked with Kent and he said that we could include all businesses within eyesight of the downtown area in the inquiry letter to businesses to see who is interested. After the replies are received the MEDC will visually approve who is eligible.


    1. Dollar General I am submitting the paperwork necessary for Bob Lach of Dollar General to review and decide to set up an appointment to visit Lincoln. I would like to discuss with the DDA board when to invite Bob to Lincoln – as soon as possible, when construction is going on, or wait until all construction is complete to present a finished downtown.
    2. Cabinet Systems Axel Ewald and Tom Scheetz, owners of Cabinet Systems have contacted me a couple of times recently about making their wood parts in Lincoln and shipping them to their assembly plant down state. They attempted to add a new partner, but that did not work out because of the financial commitment that the new partner would have to make. They also looked at locating in a building which also did not work out so they now have a building that they want near Elkhart, Indiana for assembly. They have downsized their desires and may be interested in an existing building in Lincoln to start out with. I will be meeting with them again soon.


  1. ENERGY 3

I have met with the owners of Mastronardi Produce. They will consider more than one location in Michigan for their hydroponics greenhouse of 25-30 acres, and will consider Lincoln if they can negotiate a kWh rate of 3 or 3 ½ cents. They are working out an arrangement with Fleis & Vandenbrink Engineering to work out the electric and thermal rates with Viking and the site with me.




I had a good long meeting with Pat Murtha, Director of Tawas St. Joseph Hospital. He says the specialty wellness concept will only work out if Kris Baumgardner is involved, because she will be the main referral unit. St. Joseph Hospital has two groups of specialists – one that come up from downstate, and one that live in the Tawas area. Pat said there is not enough market for the downstate specialists to come to Lincoln. It’s hard enough to get them to come to Tawas where the hospital is, but those who reside in Lincoln could work out to go to Lincoln, if we work with Kris to be the referral agent.

I have talked with Kris Baumgardner, and have a meeting scheduled on April 14 at 10 am to explore working this out. Pat Murtha said the hospital would provide a good lease if we can work out details with Kris.



Patty Ramus of the Alpena News wanted to do an interview with me and other economic development people in northeastern Michigan, so I did one that will appear in April. The

Alpena News is exploring the economic development topic to see what is being done to try to improve this economy in this area.



I am addressing this topic to let the DDA know that I attend the board meeting and report in writing on all my activities concerning Lincoln and record the hours that I spend on all items. I do this for my benefit as well as for others. The workload has been heavy with all the grant s, but we have to strike when the iron is hot. When things slack off I may sometime take an extended vacation where I won’t spend my 40 hours that month.





Director’s addendum:  Site has been approved for Dollar General. 

    Wellness Center,  Chris Baumgartner on board.

     We need to look into green energy businesses.



 Demolition Grant:  Phil presented bills for environmental review for payment of % of work accomplished  (75%)


Streetscape Project:  Phil presented bills for environmental review for payment of % of work accomplished (25%)  


ICE Grant:  Gary Bartow presented different scenarios for work to be done on Traverse  Bay Rd if the ICE Grant is approved.


The following resolution was made by Evelyn Good 2nd by Brian Ankner, al approved, motion passed.


Village of Lincoln resolution authorizing the submittal of an application entitled LINCOLN DOWNTOWN STREETSCAPE AND STREET IMPROVEMENT SECOND STREET PROJECT

WHEREAS the Village of Lincoln declares that a condition of deterioration of the downtown streetscape and street exists along Second Street from Main Street south to Traverse Bay Street, and

WHEREAS this proposed streetscape and street improvement project along Second Street is consistent with the Lincoln Community Development Plan, and

WHEREAS at least 51% of the beneficiaries of the proposed project will be low and moderate income persons, and

WHEREAS no project costs including CDBG and non-CDBG funds will be incurred prior to a formal grant award, completion of the environmental review procedures and formal written authorization to incur costs is received from the Community Development Block Grant Office.


THAT the Village be authorized to submit a grant application to the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, such application entitled “Lincoln Downtown Streetscape and Street Improvement – Second Street Project”, and

THAT this application be for an amount of $650,00, to be used along with $5,000 of funds from the Village of Lincoln and $140,847 from the Village of Lincoln DDA, and

THAT Village President Phillip S. Jordan is authorized to sign the application forms.



Motion made by Kathy Schwartz, 2nd by Dick Gillies to pay for membership in Snowmobile Assn. Motion approved and passed.


Motion made by Evelyn Good, 2nd by Kathy Schwartz, to enroll in the Huron Shores Chamber of Commerce.  Motion approved and passed.


Motion made by Joan Gonyea, 2nd by Brian Anker to adjourn.  All in favor, motion passed.  Meeting adjourned at 8:30 pm.



Respectfully submitted,


Joan Gonyea


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