MAR 2011


March 7, 2011


The Lincoln Village Council met on Monday March 7th 2011 at 7 p.m. at the Village Hall.  Meeting opened with the Pledge of Allegiance.  Those present included; President Jordan, Treasurer Kossa, Clerk Somers, Deputy Clerk/Treasurer Stutzman and Council Members, Gauthier, Healy, Lask, Somers and Stutzman.  Absent was Council Member Naylor.  Also present was Attorney Cook and guests. 

Minutes of the February meeting were approved on a motion from Gauthier with support from Somers.  Treasurer’s report was approved subject to audit on a motion from Gauthier with support from Stutzman.

In public comment time John Vecchione appeared to inquire about how to obtain a change in the zoning for his proposed business in the Village.  He is intending to open a nursery on his property on Traverse Bay Street.  The property is currently zoned residential.  Jordan advised him to come to the next Planning/Zoning meeting with a site plan and a request for the zoning change.  The variance request will alert neighbors within 300 feet of the property of Mr. Vecchione’s rezoning request.  A public hearing would then be held to hear concerns or comments for or against the application.  The next meeting for the commission is May 19th.  Due to time constraints Mr. Vecchione may chose to have a special meeting earlier but would be responsible for costs incurred.   Leroy Hall Fire Chief stated that they have been given a 6 month extension to complete work on the new brush rig.  The work will have to be done by July.  He assured Council Members that whatever has been paid for regarding the work on the vehicle has been able to be traced back to the company responsible for the work.  He would like to have the work completed by late summer.  He stated that it will cost approximately $5,815.00 to complete everything on the truck and get it road ready.  He stated that some minor repairs have been done on the main pumper.  Connie Stutzman, newly elected chairperson of the Planning/Zoning committee gave an update of the recent class she attended along with 3 other persons from the Village. 

In old business Stutzman stated that he has been checking on drinking fountains for the playground area.  The process for putting in a fountain is extremely involved and complicated.  It was suggested that the idea be put to rest for now.  Gauthier gave an update on the planned dedication for the Everett Schram memorial ball field.  She asked about the possibility of using the concession stand area.  Jordan stated that he doesn’t foresee being able to have things ready for use there yet this year.  Other arrangements will need to be made in order to have food sold at the event.  Attorney Cook suggested contacting the Lincoln Lions to request use of their gas grills.

In new business Somers stated that a request has been received to put in a streetlight along Barlow Road near the Nursing Home.  A pole is already in place and visitors and employees to the Nursing Home would benefit from having a light there.  Attorney Cook stated that as long as it is along the right of way of the road it would be okay to consider it.  He also gave an update on repairs that have been made recently.  Jordan thanked Dick and his crew for their work on keeping the roads cleaned this winter.  He also applauded the efforts of Ray Somers for his work on repairing our equipment. Somers was excused from the meeting at 7:40 p.m.  Healy stated that she has been able to locate a missing sign for the LAMP project.  Jordan stated that we need to include this information on our website.  He asked council members to remember to contact Eileen Oposnow with any information that can be added to the Village’s informational calendar.  Stutzman asked about the plans for the ball fields and what plans the coaches have to complete the new diamonds. 

Lask gave a brief update on the Planning/Zoning training seminar she attended.  Gauthier stated that she has some ideas for a winter festival next year.  After attending a recent one in Traverse City she said that she would like to try to get something going for Lincoln. 

Connie Stutzman gave an overview of the recent meeting of the Planning/Zoning Committee.  One letter was received regarding the proposed master plan and questions were forwarded to Denise Cline.  These objectives were added to the Master Plan.  Following the meeting of the Planning Committee a resolution was drafted for adoption of the Master Plan.  The resolution follows:

                                          RESOLUTION OF ADOPTION

                                          BY THE LINCOLN VILLAGE COUNCIL

                                             Village of Lincoln Master Plan

WHEREAS:  The Village of Lincoln, Alcona County, Michigan re-established a Planning Commission under State of Michigan Public Act 33 of 2008 , as amended, and;

WHEREAS:  The Village of Lincoln Planning Commission is required by Section 31 of P.A. 33 of 2008, as amended to make and approve a master plan as a guide for the development within the Village, and;

WHEREAS:  The Village retained the services of Northeast Michigan Council of Governments (NEMCOG) as its consultant to the Planning Commission in preparing this plan, and;

WHEREAS; The Village of Lincoln Planning commission, in accordance with Section 39 (2) of the act, notified the adjacent communities and the Alcona County Board of Commissioners of the intent to develop a plan and, in accordance with the Section 41 (2) of the Act, distributed the final draft to adjacent communities and the Alcona County board of Commissioners for review and comment, and;

WHEREAS:  The plan was presented to the public at a hearing held on march 3, 2011, before the Planning Commission, with notice of the hearing being published in the Alcona Review on February 16, 2011 in accordance with Section 43(1) of the Act;

WHEREAS:  The Village of Lincoln Planning Commission has reviewed the proposed plan, considered public comment, and adopted the proposed plan by resolution on March 3, 2011, and;

WHEREAS:  The Lincoln Village Council has by resolution asserted the right to approve or reject the plan;


The content of this document, together with all maps attached to and contained herein are hereby adopted by the Lincoln Village Council as the village of Lincoln Master Plan on this 7th day of March, 2011.

Motion:  Lask                                Second:   Gauthier

Ayes:  Gauthier, Healy, Lask, Stutzman

Nays: none

Absent:  Naylor and Somers

Certification  I hereby certify that the above is a true and correct copy of the resolution adopted at the March 7th, 2011 meeting of the Lincoln Village Council. 

Linda K. Somers, Village Clerk


President Jordan gave his report.  He stated that the pontoon/dock is nearly ready to be inspected and when the weather breaks it will be put in the water.  JB’s auto marine will be helping to remove the posts from the dock.  He thanked all those who helped get the pontoon ready.  Jordan stated that they no longer see a bio-diesel plant being feasible for the community.  He stated that the thought is now concentrated on ethanol instead.  Grant monies that were approved previously can be used for an ethanol study per approval from the USDA.  The demolition grant appears to be nearly wrapped up. Funds have been released from the MEDC for Second Street and Traverse Bay Street .  Work should begin in early spring for both projects.    He asked that all council members be involved and help in any way possible during this time.  He thanked Bonny Gauthier for her work as pro-tem during his absence.  He also thanked Leroy Hall and the fire department for their help in removing the ladder from Brownlee Lake.  Jordan stated that he is looking forward to seeing the “bag ladies and gents” when the weather breaks.

Motion to pay the bills as presented was made by Gauthier with support from Healy.  Carried.  Motion to adjourn was made by Stutzman with support from Gauthier.  Carried. 

Linda K. Somers

Village Clerk


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