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June 1, 2009

The Lincoln Village Council met in regular session on Monday June 1, 2009, at 7 p.m. at the Village Hall.  Meeting was opened with the Pledge of Allegiance.  Those in attendance included; President Jordan, Treasurer Kossa, Clerk Somers, Deputy Clerk/Treasurer Stutzman and Council Members, Gauthier, Kennard, Lask, Naylor, Somers and Stutzman.  Also present were Attorney Cook and guests.

Minutes of the May meeting were approved on a motion from Somers with support from Lask.  Motion Carried.  Treasurerís report was approved subject to audit on a motion from Gauthier with support from Stutzman.  Motion Carried.

Troy Somers, Zoning Administrator appeared before the Council.  The issue of property on Millen Street was discussed.  Attorney Cook stated that he believes we are headed toward litigation if the matter canít be resolved. 

Bob Reynolds asked about whether the Fire Department should go ahead and apply for a 50/50 grant for the Department.  President Jordan stated that it would be ok to apply for the grant as they are not obligated to accept it if it is awarded. 

In old business, Somers asked about work that needs to be done on the boat launch.  He has submitted a cost estimate to be considered for next yearís budget.  He stated that the John Deere tractor has been sent for repairs to the clutch.  Kennard asked about the status of fire funding from Gustin Township.  They are supposed to pay following their next meeting.  The streetscape grant should be awarded by the fall.  A representative has already visited the Village and we should be hearing something soon regarding possible funding.  Gauthier stated that she has been in contact with DNR representatives regarding new swim platforms for Brownlee Lake beach.  She is continuing to try to find a company that will replace the docks properly.  She stated that she is also looking at permanent versus a floating system and will bring cost estimates back to the next meeting. 

In new business Stutzman stated that he helped put up flags recently.  He said that a lot of work needs to be done to the flag holders and also to several of the flags and poles.  Somers stated that he would like to look at buying banner type flags.  Jordan will talk with the DDA about purchasing them for next year.     Somers stated that the new restrooms are all ready except for the soap dispensers.  Jordan would like to have all the bathroom dispensers be alike so it is easier to order supplies.  It will be looked at for the next budget.  Naylor would like to have us write a letter of recommendation for Trevor MacNeill, former maintenance man for the village. 

President Jordan presented a letter of resignation from Brian Somers, Fire Chief.  Motion from Stutzman with support from Gauthier to accept the resignation was made.  Carried.  President Jordan stated that he would like to have Robert Reynolds return as the fire chief.  Motion was made by Kennard with support from Somers to have Bob take on the job of fire chief again.  Motion carried.  Reynolds informed Council members of issues with a fire fighter that has included unbecoming behavior.  Jordan asked if it would be possible to hold the letter until the next meeting.  It was advised that the issue should be resolved immediately.  Motion was made by Somers with support from Stutzman to remove Daniel Hale from the department immediately.  Motion carried.  Jordan stated that the city of Ecorse has donated an ambulance to the Village.  Jordan stated that it needs to be picked up as soon as possible.  The fire department will work with Jordan to get a letter of thanks out to Jeff Wilson and the city of Ecorse.  The quilt blocks will be placed at the Depot and at the Flights of Imagination play area.  President Jordan suggested that council members get together and decide where they would like to place them.  Michigan Works has offered to supply up to 3 young adults to work within the Village during the summer.  Jordan would like to have one work in the office and one to do outdoor work with Dick.  They will be paid through Michigan Works so there wonít be any cost to the village.  Motion was made by Gauthier to pursue getting 2 young people to work for the Village during the summer.  Stutzman offered support.  Motion carried.  A request was received from a resident to cut a limb on her property.  Previous work was done by the road commission.  She has asked to have the tree trimmed as it is on village property.  Cost is $150.00.  Discussion followed.  Motion was made by Gauthier with support from Lask to not pay for the removal of the tree as long as it is not posing a problem.  Motion carried. 

Jordan presented council members with the DDA budget for 2009-2010.  Council members questioned what is being done to replace the activity committee for the DDA.  Joan Gonyea, DDA secretary stated that it is hard to find someone willing to devote their time and energies to that committee.  A motion to accept the DDA budget was made by Lask with support from Stutzman.  Motion carried. The DDA Budget Follows:






Estimated balance from 2008-2009










TIFFA Alcona County





TIFFA Gustin Township





TIFFA Village of Lincoln















Hunt Program










Commission on Aging






























Activity Committee





Car Show




















Economic Development                          





Financial Audits                                        





Fire Department Equipment                      





Legal fees                                                       





Membership per diem                               





Revolving Loan Fund 





Sewer Fees 










Village Administrative Fees                     





Village equipment replacement                 





Web Site 










Pass-through reimbursements  





Hunt Program                                             










Commission on Aging                                 



























A letter of resignation for Cindy MacNeill from the DDA board was received.  Motion to accept the resignation was made by Kennard with support from Somers.  Carried.  Motion was made by Kennard with support from Stutzman to accept Brian Ankner to the DDA board.  Motion carried.  Jordan stated that the new restrooms are open daily.  He thanked the volunteers who helped and the Lincoln Lions for all their help.  Gauthier stated that she would like to see a camera installed there since we have put so much money into the project.  President Jordan said that the beach cleanup went very well.  He thanked everyone who helped.  A letter of support was sent to the Alcona County Commissioners regarding the proposed ORV trail.  The village has signed a lease for vault space and will begin moving items there soon.  A fire district for Alcona County was discussed.  Jordan said he would like to see us pursue this in the future.  Jordan stated that the lawn mowing with M&M maintenance is going very well.  Jordan stated that he was informed of a loader that is for sale locally.  He asked for input from Council members.  Kennard would like to pursue it.  The DDA and the Village have both committed money for vehicle replacement that could be used. 

Recommendations from the Human Resource Committee were given to Council members for discussion.  Somers stated that he feels being limited to 20 hours per week is unfair.  He said if necessary he will try to find a job elsewhere.  Stutzman asked about how cuts can be made in the winter months with the use of the tractor.  Jordan said this is only a list of suggestions, to date no changes have been made.  Lask questioned the savings from not having an extra person full time.  Jordan stated that although we have saved money from wages we are going to continue to look at ways to cut costs.  Kennard asked about adopting the list of suggestions from the Human resource committee.  He stated that he would suggest changing the hours to 25 per week.  He suggests monitoring the hours to try to stay within that range.  Attorney Cook said he would advise having some wiggle room regarding the recommendation for tractor usage. Gauthier stated that she believes we are saving a significant amount of money by not having 2 people full time.  Lask stated that she believes that we should hold off on making any decision regarding adopting anything.  Gauthier stated that she doesnít think council members understood that hours would be cut that much for the maintenance worker.  Dick stated that the lawn mowing is not being done completely so he needs to continue to work on some of the lawn maintenance.  He stated that the Village is being paid for that work and it is not getting done  Jordan and Kennard will work with the lawn mowing service to make sure everything is being done that should be.  Gauthier suggested changing the hours of work to 25 per week.  She suggested changing the hours of work with the tractor to 10 per week and that he should continue to try to cut the usage whenever possible.  Motion to adopt the recommendations of the Human resource Committee as Village of Lincoln policy was made by Kennard with support from Stutzman to include the changes that were discussed.  Motion carried. 

Jordan stated that he is very pleased with the website work by Eileen Oposnow.  He will work with her to make some minor changes.  Jordan would like a council member to take on the responsibility. 

Individual reports were given.  Stutzman has been busy helping Dick do several things around the village.  He would like to see a sign for hours on the new restrooms.  Kennard stated the he would like to see signs ordered for the site.  As part of the grant application funds have been approved for signage already.  A motion was made by   Stutzman  with support from  Gauthier  to put the delinquent people that are on the sewer system on the tax roll and pass the following resolution:  Be it resolved, upon request of the Village Treasurer received and filed that these accounts including penalties and interest are unpaid. 

Lincoln Truck & SUV;      Tax Code: 052-000-023-005-00        Sewer Service $136.66

Leonard Bobick J;            Tax Code: 052-000-023-005-01        Sewer Service $273.33

Leonard Bobick Jr;          Tax Code: 052-000-023-006-00        Sewer Service $136.66

Durfees Restaurant;       Tax Code: 052-000-024-001-02        Sewer Service $437.09

Jeffrey Erickson;              Tax Code: 052-000-027-00 2-00      Sewer Service $201.75

Heathers House of Hair; Tax Code: 052-000-031-001-02      Sewer Service    $88.56

Somers Service;              Tax Code: 052-000-030-004-02       Sewer Service $ 433.21


That it is ordered pursuant to section 4.03 of Lincoln Village Sewer Ordinance.  That said accounts become a lien on the applicable lands that are served by the sewer and are to be added to the 2009 assessment roll to be collected by the Village Treasurer.  Ayes: Gauthier, Kennard, Lask, Naylor, Somers, Stutzman, Motion carried. 

Motion to pay the bills as presented was made by Gauthier with support from Lask.  Carried.  Motion to adjourn was made by Gauthier with support from Lask.  Carried.

Linda K. Somers

Village Clerk

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