July 2008 Council Mtg


JULY 7th, 2008

The Lincoln Village Council met on Monday July 7th at 7 p.m. at the fire hall.  Meeting opened with the Pledge of Allegiance. Those in attendance included; President Jordan, Treasurer Kossa, Clerk Somers, Deputy Clerk/Treasurer Stutzman and Council Members; Gauthier, Kennard, Lask, Naylor and Somers. Council Member Horn was absent.

Minutes of the June meeting were approved on a motion by Gauthier with support from Kennard. Treasurerís report was approved subject to audit on a motion by Gauthier with support from Somers. Treasurer Mary Kossa advised that spending be kept down until tax money begins to come in. She stated that money is currently tied up in CDís that could be accessed if absolutely necessary.

Tom Lappan of Lappan Insurance gave a brief overview of the Villageís coverage under the PAR plan. He stated that we have been insured under the current plan for 23 years. Lappan stated that there havenít been a lot of claims by the Village so premiums have been reduced by nearly 40% over the past few years. He urged Council Members to consider sending a group of members or at least 1 representative to a risk conference. He stated that Lappan Agency would help defray the costs for members to attend such meetings. He offered to help set up a conference for Lincoln and other municipalities in the area if enough interest could be shown.

Joan Gonyea stated that the DDA will hopefully have drawings and price lists available regarding the streetscape project at their August meeting. President Jordan asked for input from council members regarding their thoughts on applying for the streetscape grant. A motion was made by Kennard with support from Gauthier to work in conjunction with the DDA to move forward with the streetscape project and apply for the 2010 grant year. Motion Carried. Joan stated that the Zoning/Planning commission has another list of specifications that may require passage of another resolution in order to operate legally. She will inform the board after looking things over and gaining input from Village Attorney, David Cook.

Karen Healy, Register of Deeds for Alcona County introduced herself to the board. She is running for re-election to that position. Karen has been working in the Register of Deeds office since 1987. Anna McCoy, Treasurer for Alcona County also appeared before the board. She is seeking reelections to that position. Ann has worked in the Treasurerís office since 1977.

Brian Somers, Assistant Fire Chief stated that final bills for a DNR grant will be submitted this month. He said they were able to get 11 turnout gear outfits rather than 6 as originally planned for. Brian stated that the Fire Department Auxiliary will be holding several fundraisers. They will be hosting a Pancake Breakfast at the September Car Show. They will also be selling hot dogs and hamburgers during the Strawberry Shortcake Social at the depot next week. The group is interested in putting a dunk tank in Harrisville during the Labor Day weekend festivities. The Fire Department will be hosting several public education days during August.

In old business, Council Member Kennard reminded the board of the upcoming Human Resources meeting on July 16th at 7 p.m. President Jordan stated that the restroom project has a targeted completion date for the end of July. He will be working with the Lincoln Lions to set a date for resealing of the Flights of Imagination Playground at the next Lions meeting. Jordan stated that the next grant we apply for should include rubber chips for the playground area.

In new business Council member Somers inquired about paving Alger Street from First Street east to the Gillard property. The project would cost approximately $9,000. He also stated that there are several low spots along F-41 that need to be filled. Total cost of that project would be approximately $2,800. Council Members will address the issue at the next council meeting in August.

President Phil Jordan stated that the new bar should be open soon. He stated that he is hoping to meet with some property owners in the downtown region soon to discuss what needs to be done about vacant buildings before pursuing the streetscape project. President Jordan will be working with Council Member Gauthier to put the final adjustments into the new website.

A letter was received from the Lincoln Lions requesting the Councilís approval for usage of Village Streets during the September Car Show. Council members approved sending a letter of support for that endeavor. A letter was also received from the Health Department stating that they will be testing water quality at the beach area on Brownlee Lake over the nest 2 to 3 months. A sign will be posted at that area to inform residents of the testing.

Motion was made by Gauthier with support from Somers to amend the budget. $284.82 will be taken from Fire Department Insurance and put into Hall Insurance. Motion Carried. A motion to pay the bills as presented was made by Lask with support from Kennard. Motion carried. A motion to adjourn was made by Gauthier with support from Lask. Motion carried.

Linda K. Somers

Village Clerk

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