January 2010 DDA Minutes


Village of Lincoln Downtown Development Authority


Village of Lincoln

Downtown Development Authority

Meeting Minutes

Jan 12, 2010


Present:  D. James, E. Good, J. Gonyea, P. Jordan, Bob Jones, D. Gillies, J. James, D. Kruttlin, B. Ankner, K. Schwartz


Absent: None

Guests:  Gary Horn                     


Call to Order: Meeting called to order by President, D. James at 7:03 p.m.

Pledge of Allegiance was said


Minutes: Motion made by Evelyn Good, 2nd by Dick Gillies to approve minutes of Dec 08, 2009. All approved.  Motion passed.


Treasurer’s report:  Motion by Dennis Kruttlin, 2nd by Brian Ankner for approval of December, 2009 report, subject to audit.  Motion approved and passed.





JANUARY 8, 2010


The following is a report of the activities of Bob Jones of Michigan Enterprises on behalf of the Lincoln DDA for the period of December 5, 2009 – January 8, 2010. Numbers refer to hours spent.


    1. Demolition. The following covers activity on the official application. The amount of  $126,668 has been approved, but all the required state and federal paperwork is now being done which includes the following:

1)      Environmental Review. I am working on the 30 pages of requirements, but need help from an engineering firm which does these on a daily basis. The application and Environmental Review have been drastically changed and would take me 2-3 months to complete, which would put us in jeopardy of the timelines. Therefore, I recommend that the firm of Fleis and Vandenbrink be authorized to help me. I will have the amount that this will take by the Tuesday meeting.

2)      A public hearing on the application is scheduled for January 20 at 7pm at the village hall. I will bring copies of the app with me, which will be available at the village hall on Wednesday, January 13 from 8-noon, and from the village clerk and at the Lincoln branch of the Alcona Library. A notice of this hearing is in the Alcona Review on January 6 and 13.

3)      I have written an abbreviated Community Development Plan which was approved by the Village Council on January 4.

4)      There are a lot of compliance forms which must be signed by the Village President. I will bring them with me for Tuesday.

5)      Phil Jordan has been officially designated as the Certifying Officer for the Grant by the Village.

    1. Streetscape Lincoln has been approved by MDOT  for the streetscape for $385,000 (I don’t have the exact amount), but MEDC has indicated that they will approve $650,000 to include relocating overhead wires and complete removal and repaving of Second street, which MDOT doesn’t do. MEDC was scheduled to approve this at their December 16 meeting, but the scheduler forgot to put this on their agenda. Our MEDC rep Kent Kukuk was furious, and has it assured that this will be on their January 27 agenda. We are attempting to work with both MDOT and MEDC on transferring the MDOT funds through a change of scope amendment to apply to improvements on Traverse Bay Road. We are waiting until after January 27 to begin this process.
    2. Façade Grant Program I am gathering samples of façade grant applications to begin this process after the demolition grant paperwork is finished.


In order to apply for a Dollar General store for 2011 we must submit a site drawing and site map. Do we want to use the site on the west side of Traverse Bay across the street from Alcona Motors? Or submit two or more sites? We’ll talk Tuesday.



I met with Axel Ewald, Tom Scheetz, and their new partner in December. They would still like to do their rough cutting and sizing in Lincoln, and ship to Elkhart to be finished. They are working on plans for this and have security for financing.


  1. ENERGY 6
    1. The biodiesel plant in Gladstone has closed due to poor market conditions. Bruce Soloway does not want to do his project with these market conditions, and my info is that no one will be doing new biodiesel plants until the federal government establishes guidelines.
    2. Mastronardi has indicated that he would put a 25 acre hydroponics greenhouse in Lincoln if the energy costs are right. They are getting me their energy requirements so we can show them to Viking. I am meeting with Mastronardi on January 15 to get these.
    3. I have copies of Tom Dorr’s power point presentations to Lincoln for each board member. I will bring them with me for Tuesday’s meeting.


I finally have a meeting date with Pat Murtha to talk about getting feasibility on our proposed wellness center and to set a date for us to look at their Fairview facility, which also contains an assisted living facility. I will be meeting with Pat on February 10 at 9am.




Bob Jones distributed power point presentation from Tom Dorr.  Gave a brief overview of goals and process  to achieve them.


Old Business:  Demolition Grant:


Motion made by Dennis Kruttlin to approve funds NTE $5,000 for Fleis and Vandenbrink for processing specialized environmental review forms for federal submission.  In addition, support is to be provided to assist Bob Jones to write grant. 2nd by Joan Gonyea.  All in favor.  Motion passed.


                Dollar General:  Preferred location would be the north end of the Industrial Park.  Various site maps will be submittd.


New Business:  Dave and Joe James made a $250 donation, in memory of their mother, for the Beautification of the Village.


Motion made by D. Gillies to adjourn.  2nd by K. Schwartz.  All approved.  Motion passed.


Meeting adjourned at 8:20 pm.


Respectfully submitted,

Joan Gonyea





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