February 2010 DDA Minutes


Feb 2010 DDA Minutes


Village of Lincoln

Downtown Development Authority

Meeting Minutes

Feb 9, 2010


Present:   D. James, E. Good, J. Gonyea, P. Jordan, Bob Jones,  D. Gillies, J. James, D. Kruttlin, B. Ankner, K Schwartz


Absent: None


Guests:  Gary Horn, Teresa Hart                              


Call to Order: Meeting called to order by President, D. James at 7:03 p.m.


Pledge of Allegiance was said


Minutes: Motion made by Joe James, 2nd by Evelyn Good to approve minutes of Jan 12, 2010. All approved.  Motion passed.


Treasurer’s report:  Motion by Joan Gonyea, 2nd by Brian Ankner for approval of January, 2010 report, subject to audit.  Motion approved and passed.



DDA Director





FEBRUARY 5, 2010


The following is a report of the activities of Bob Jones of Michigan Enterprises on behalf of the Lincoln DDA for the period of January 8 – February 5. Numbers refer to hours spent.


    1. Conducted public hearing on demolition grant proposal. Good attendance and comments. Village approved application, which was sent to MEDC on January 26. They did not want me to bring it down, but they got it and it was accepted.


 b.      The next necessary step is the Environmental Review. After this is approved we can then start spending money and taking bids. This is being done by Fleis and Vandenbrink, myself, and an outside consultant paid by Fleis, Pete Cambier. I have had two sessions with Gary of Fleis, and one with Pete on determining who does what. Pete is taking the whole aspect of the requirements of the State Historical Preservation Office. (SHPO) (7).

    1. We have to establish a district called APE or Area of Potential Effect. Consulting with Diane Tuinstra, Environmental Coordinator of the SHPO. This is not a legal district, but an area that is potentially affected by the project. The boundaries are the three blocks of Second Street bounded on the east by the back lot lines of the properties on the east side of Second, on the north by Main Street, on the south by Traverse Bay Street, and on the west by Lake Street. Each property has to be photographed, and described by the address, date built, and any historical value of building and any artifacts associated with it. Buildings 50 years old and above there is separate criteria. If any qualify for the Register of National Historic Places, we need to identify them. We may need a letter from the county historical society that says that there are no buildings of historical value in the APE. We’re researching this. Dick Gillies has agreed to take this project on to work with Pete and myself. (3)
    2. I have been looking into the possibility of transferring the original MDOT grant from Second Street to Traverse Bay. Matt Opsommer originally said we would have to submit a completely new application. After many conversations he said we could get by with a modification. We will discuss this at the DDA meeting.(3)
    3. We have been approved for the MEDC Streetscape grant of $650,000. We are now doing on the official application and the Environmental Review for that project. (3)
    4. After this, in March we will begin application for a façade grant. I will bring more sample façade ordinances at the DDA meeting.


    1. Dollar General  I am revising the site location for the Dollar General store application. It will no be the four and a half lots on the south side of Traverse Bay owned by Alcona Motors plus part of the Lincoln IDC land to the immediate south of these lots. We switched because we can’t get agreement by Mr. Durfee on his lots on the north side, and we need those three to get the acre of land that Dollar General needs. We also have to get an investor group to build and lease the building to Dollar General.
    2. Cabinet Systems Axel Ewald and Tom Scheetz have been changing their plans for their manufacturing operation. The deal looks like it will be falling through on their building in the NilesElkhart area. The seller is putting on too many provisions, and their partner who is putting up a large chink of cash is getting cold feet. If it falls through Axel wants to pursue Lincoln.


    1. Bruce Soloway is putting his biodiesel plans on hold. The feedstock availability and price is not at the needed levels, and the market is slim because there are few outlets in Michigan for biodiesel. Bruce is pursuing putting an agricultural supply business in Lincoln. He is working with some Lincoln people to assess the market and location


  1. ENERGY 2

The technology for cellulose ethanol is advancing rapidly, and 21 cellulose ethanol plants are being developed, one in the UP. Lincoln has a good location for one of these, especially next to Viking Energy with available low cost steam. These cellulose ethanol plants do not require a railroad like a corn ethanol plant does, and are much smaller. Corn ethanol plants were in the 50 million gallons per year range while the cellulose ones are in the 7-15 million gallon range. I have a list of all the US companies developing cellulose ethanol plants, and will begin contacting them.



I have a meeting with Pat Murtha, CEO of St. Joseph hospital in Tawas on Wednesday, February 10. I want to tour their Fairview facility and see if they want to put a version of it in Lincoln, and also if they want to pursue the feasibility study avenue. I also am now working with Mid-Michigan hospital of Midland, which has a specialty clinic in Houghton Lake.





Director update:  Demolition Grant:  Nothing new to add.

                                   Streetscape Project approved by MEDC board.  We are now able to fill out grant application.  There is going to be a Public Hearing, 9 March 2010, 6pm, prior to the DDA meeting, at the Village Hall.  We need to submit an environmental review for the streetscape grant.  Motion made by Joe James to approve funds NTE $6,000 to Fleis and Vandenbrink to conduct an environmental review (needed for grant approval, 2nd by Dick Gillies, all in favor, motion passed.

                                    MDOT Grant:  Motion made by Brian Ankner, 2nd by Dick Gillies to withdraw consideration for MDOT Streetscape grant.  (The one from MDEC is for more money at a much better match rate. This action would make the MDOT funds available for others to use.)  All approved, motion passed.

                                    ICE Grant:  In lieu of the MDOT grant we are going to apply for an ICE grant, which rather than a 70/30 match rate, has a match rate of 90/10.  We are, however going to apply for a 87/13 match rate which will make our chances of getting it much better.  This is going to be for streetscape on Traverse Bay Rd, from 2nd  St to Barlow Rd., to include sidewalks and lighting.  Motion made for approval of  funds NTE $6,500 by Joan Gonyea, 2nd by Joe James.  All approved.  Motion passed.  $500 for Notice of Intent submission and $6,000 to Fleis and Vandenbrink to conduct an environmental review.  Documentation needs to include a full blown cost estimate.


SALE OF PROPERTY  Motion made by Dick Gillies, 2nd by Evelyn Good to pass a resolution to execute a purchase agreement document to sell Section 10, Lot 1B to Eric Bates and Section 10, Lot 2A to Dick Shepherd.  All approved.  Motion passed.


VILLAGE PRESIDENT:  The Village Council is going to meet with DDA Representatives to discuss the changing of sewer units of property within the DDA District which currently have access to the sewer system.  This meeting will probably take place in the beginning of June, 2010.


ACTIVITY COMMITTEE;  Teresa Hart asked for monetary support from the DDA for the Easter Egg Hunt on 20 March 2010, 11am thru 2pm.  Motion made by Brian Ankner, 2nd by Dick Gillies, all in favor, motion passed.


Motion made by Dick Gillies, 2nd by Joan Gonyea to adjourn.  All in favor, motion passed.  Meeting adjourned at 7:24 pm.


Respectfully submitted,

Joan Gonyea



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