December 2009 DDA Minutes


Dec 2009 Minutes


Village of Lincoln

Downtown Development Authority

Meeting Minutes

December 8, 2009


Present: D. James, E. Good, J. Gonyea, P. Jordan, Bob Jones,  D. Gillies, J. James, D. Kruttlin

Absent:  B. Ankner, K Schwartz

Guests:  None                          


Call to Order: Meeting called to order by President, D. James at 7:05 p.m.


Pledge of Allegiance was said


Minutes: Request was made for Joan to forward approved (revised minutes) to Eileen Oposnow for inclusion to the Village of Lincoln website.  (  Motion made by Dennis Kruttlin, 2nd by Joe James to approve minutes of  Nov 10, 2009. All approved.  Motion passed.

Treasurer’s report:  The following treasurer’s reports were examined.  Motions were made by Dennis Kruttlin, 2nd by Joan Gonyea for approval of August 2009 report; by Joe James, 2nd by Joan Gonyea for approval of September 2009 report; by Joe James, 2nd by Dennis Kruttlin for approval of October 2009 report; by Joan Gonyea, 2nd by Dennis Kruttlin for approval of November 2009 report.  All Motions were approved and passed.



Director’s Report:




DECEMBER 5, 2009


The following is a report of the activities of Bob Jones of Michigan Enterprises on behalf of the Lincoln DDA for the period of November 1 – December 5, 2009. Numbers refer to hours spent.



Based on my knowledge and he recommendation of Tom Dore I have pursued a company to provide broadband to the Lincoln area - Summit Digital Michigan. Its owner Tom Nix will be meeting with me on this next week. This will entail some USDA grants which I will work with him on.


    1. Demolition. The Notice of Intent (NOI) for the Demolition Grant has been approved by the MEDC Board for a grant of $126,668 with a mach by the DDA for $42,222, totaling a project cost of $168,890 to purchase and demolish the Alcona Auto Part building and the old Miller Hardware building. We have until January 20 to complete the official application forms including the Community Development Plan, Local Public Participation Documentation, Project Description, Project Budget, Administrative Plan, Authorizing Resolution, and Certifications and Statement of Assurances. This will be my top priority for the next 30-45 days.
    2. Streetscape.  The Streetscape Grant Application to the MEDC for a grant of $650,000 with a local match of $5,000 by the Village of Lincoln, and $140,847 by the DDA has passed the review of the CAT Team and the Packaging Committee, and is going to the MEDC Board on December 16. Kent Kukuk sees no reason that the MEDC Board will not approve this grant . Fleis & Vandenbrink has done a great job getting the info together and packaged for MEDC, especially Dave Johnson and Gary Bartow. After December 16 we will be working on the same paperwork as the demolition grant. Just a positive note – we were the last grant application for a streetscape accepted this year. If we waited another day we would have been too late.
    3. Façade. The façade grant program has taken a change for the better. Beginning January 1 the MEDC will pick up 75% of the cost of a façade including inside work. As soon as I have the paperwork done on the two other grants I will begin with the facade. I will have copies of this grant application at the DDA Board meeting.



I have contacted Bob Lach of Dollar General, and we will begin work on a Dollar Store for Lincoln for 2011 right after the first part of 2010.

Michigan Enterprises Report to the Lincoln DDA – 12/5/09 – p.2


  1. ENERGY8
    1. After Tom Dore left Lincoln I got a call from Frank Frasetti, who is the former head of USDA for the state of Wisconsin. He wants to meet with me to go over energy and other projects for Lincoln. We are setting up a meeting to see what he might specifically do in this regard.
    2. Bruce Soloway has been slowed down by the small amount of feedstock for a biodiesel plant. He is turning his attention to opening up a farm supply store in Lincoln. Beside feedstock the two other things that will determine the viability of a biodiesel project are the perfection of an additive to keep biodiesel from gelling in winter, and a determination by the federal government of a mandated percentage of biodiesel to be used.
    3. We have been approved for a $35,000 energy grant by USDA. I hate to turn down the money. Does anyone have an idea how Lincoln can use this money to our advantage? I will be thinking about this, and maybe we can have some discussion of this at the DDA board meeting.



Axel Ewald has called me and still wants to put a woodworking operation in Lincoln, even though he and Tom Scheetz may put their finishing plant in Niles. I will be meeting with them before Christmas to see what can be put together on this.



I have been talking with Sharon Whitford about St. Joseph Hospital doing a project in Lincoln similar to the facility they have in Fairview. I am trying to get a date when we can tour that facility and start negotiations on one similar for Lincoln. It includes Assisted Living, and Specialty Medical.




Old Business:   Offer to Purchase 2 lots, Block 10, Lots A1 & B1 by Eric Bates was accepted and approved.  Purchase Price is $2,500 for the pair.


                           Offer to Purchase 1 lot, Block 10, Lot A2 by Dick Shepherd was made and accepted for a price of $4,500 with $500 down payment, by land contract or mortgage (depending on advice from attorney).  Payment in full within 3 years. 


            Motions made by Dennis Kruttlin, 2nd by Evelyn Good, for the above purchases.  All approved.  Motion passed.  


New Business:  Huron Shores Chamber of Commerce is to become Alcona Chamber of Commerce.  Judy  Labadie intends for the organization to  support the entire county and would like for us to join as members.  Dave James will invite her for a presentation.


We are going to let the Energy Study Grant application sit or a while.


Phil Jordan would like names, phone numbers and e-mail addresses of members of each Village entity.


Motion made by J. Gonyea to adjourn.  2nd by D. Kruttlin.  All approved.  Motion passed.


Meeting adjourned at 8:12 pm.


Respectfully submitted,

Joan Gonyea



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