December 2008 Council Mtg


The Lincoln Village Council met on Monday, December 1, 2008 at 7pm at the village hall.  Meeting was opened with the “pledge of Allegiance.”  Those present included: President Jordan, treasurer Kossa, clerk Somers, deputy clerk/treasurer Stutzman and council members Gauthier, Lask, Naylor, Somers and Stutzman.  Absent was council member Ronald Kennard.  Also present was attorney Cook and guests. 


Minutes of the November meeting were approved on a motion from Somers with support from Stutzman.  Motion carried.  The treasurer’s report was approved subject to audit, on a motion from Gauthier with support from Somers.  Motion carried.


Brian Somers, fire chief, was present and updated the board about the fire department’s efforts to secure grant money.  He reported that there were 10 fires and two medical runs this past month. Brian stated the department has set goals for the upcoming year as well as looking at upcoming years.  The department’s main truck is in need of repairs to the foam system. The work can be done by fire department personnel.  President Jordan stated that Jeff Wilson is still working on securing more merchandise for the department from the Ecorse Fire Department.  The department has already received things that are being used by current fire department personnel.  Jordan and Brian are planning to set up a meeting to address an emergency plan for the village.


Joan Gonyea, planning/zoning commission chairman, gave an update on the group.  A motion was made by Gauthier, with support from Naylor, to accept the recommendations of the planning/zoning board.  She also stated that there is a vacancy.  January 20, March 17, May 19, July 21, September 15, November 17 are the scheduled meeting dates for 2009.  The group will present a list of needs to the council for consideration in the budget meetings.  She stated that they have set goals for the upcoming year. 


In new business, Somers said he needs to order two sockets for the dump truck.  Also, the bracket for the plow on the dump truck is broken and needs to be repaired.  The well at the equipment rental building is down.  Dick will get estimates on what the cost would be for replacing the system.   The village has a new fax number: 989-335-04114, the regular phone number will stay the same.


President Jordan gave his report.  The Festival of Lights Celebration will be held Friday, December 5.  Jordan urged all council members to attend.  The new restrooms are awaiting final touches from the electrician.  They will be ready for use in the spring.  We are still waiting for word on our grant application through the Michigan Department of Natural Resources grant.  Word is expected soon. 


Meeting dates were set for 2009:  January 5, February 2, March 2, April 6, May 4, June 1, July 6, August 3, September 7, October 5, November 2, and December 7.  Budgets meetings were scheduled for Monday, January 19, 2009 and February 16, 2009.


Individual reports were given.  Stutzman stated the tree in the Flights of Imagination Park was taken down last month.  Somers asked about putting up more of the wooden street signs throughout the village.  Jordan stated those that are up now are only in the DDA district.  He suggested that a request be considered at the upcoming budget meetings.   Motion to pay the bills as presented was made by Gauthier with support from Lask.  Motion carried.  Motion to adjourn was made by Lask with support from Gauthier.  Motion carried. 


Linda K. Somers

Village Clerk

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