Dec 2011


December 5, 2011

The Lincoln Village Council met on Monday December 5, 2011 at 7 p.m. at the Village Hall.  Meeting opened with the Pledge of Allegiance.  Those in attendance included; President Jordan, Treasurer Kossa, Clerk Somers, Deputy Clerk/Treasurer Stutzman and Council Members; Gauthier, Healy, Lask, Naylor, Somers and Stutzman.  Also present were several guests and Attorney David Cook.

Minutes of the November meeting were approved on a motion from Gauthier with support from Somers.  Treasurer’s report was approved on a motion from Gauthier with support from Healy.

Fire Chief, Leroy Hall gave a report on activity in the department.  He talked about a test that was done on the main pumper.   He stated that it went very well.  He said that the department was awarded a grant from the DNR with a match from the Village that will be worked into the upcoming budget.  He stated that the brush rig should be finished by January.  Leroy thanked the Council Members for allowing him to purchase a new laptop to use for business with the fire department.   A drop tank is needed and Leroy has seen one that is possibly going to be able to be traded for items that are no longer needed for use by our department.  Council Members were agreeable to allow the trade so that both fire departments can benefit.  Three of our firefighters, Mike Serafin, Ryan Mendyka and Tony Escareno attended Flash training in Alpena over the weekend.  He thanked Larry’s Electric for their help in fixing the siren.  President Jordan thanked members of the department for their help in having things ready for the Festival of Lights at the Village Hall. 

Deb Shaneour stated that she is hoping to order benches for the downtown region as soon as next week.  She stated that anyone interested should contact her by December 15th in order to obtain them at the current price – the price will be going up in January. Debbie may be reached at 989-736-8346. Ted Shaneour stated that he would like to obtain a variance for a building addition to his property on North Sleeper Drive.  He will talk with President Jordan to get the process started.

President Jordan stated that he would like to bid out the cleaning of the new sidewalks for the upcoming winter.  Whoever takes the job on will need to work with Village maintenance crews to get things done properly.  Attorney Cook will help write the specifications with President Jordan.  Council Members were in agreement that we want to do things that will keep the new sidewalks cleaned properly.  A motion was made by Gauthier with support from Healy to authorize the Village Clerk to bid out the cleaning of the sidewalks along Second Street and on Traverse Bay to Church Street.  Motion carried. 

In old business Stutzman stated that he continues to check the playground on a daily basis and things seem good.  He stated that he believes that the netting at the ball field needs to be replaced; we will address it in the budget meeting.  Sara Healy stated that 70 goodie bags were given away to area children during the festival of lights celebration. Somers stated that he needs to find a new tire for the loader and also that a gas tank needs to be purchased for the dump truck. 

In new business Stutzman asked about having a cleanup along the roadways leading into town, something along the lines of an Adopt a Highway.  Jordan stated that he believes this will be a wonderful project for members of the Village Council to participate in.  Gauthier asked about purchasing more lights for use in decorating the Village.  She asked about looking at finding more of the same type of lights so that we can have them ready for next year.  Council Members all agreed that we should continue to move forward in getting more lights so that they will match what is already there. 

Dates were set for Council Meetings for the upcoming year;  January 3rd (Tuesday),  February 6th, March 5th, April 2nd, May 7th, June 4th, July 2nd, August 6th, September 4th (Tuesday), October 1st, November 5th & December 3rd.  Budget workshop was set for Council Members on Monday January 9th at 6 p.m. 

President Jordan gave his report.  He stated that Connie has been working on filing in the office and things are moving along nicely.  The office will be closed for the remainder of the month.  He wished everyone Happy Holidays.  The Lincoln Lions and the Friends of the Depot were thanked for their help with the Festival of Lights Celebration.  Winners of the decorating contest were Linda Durfee 1st place, Scott and Sarah Kroon 2nd, Larry and Linda Somers 3rd and Anna McCoy 4th place.  The travelling business trophy was awarded to Yesterday’s Village Restaurant.  He noted that the next meeting (January 3rd) will be held at 6 p.m. to address final closeout of the demolition grants.  President Jordan thanked everyone for their participation in getting things done to make the Village of Lincoln look so good. He thanked Joe and Dave James for their help on getting the new lights taken care of.  Thanks to Mary Kossa, Joan Gonyea and Leroy Hall for their work on closing out the FEMA grant.  A check will be sent to Fema for $1,029.35 and things will be totally closed out.  Results from District Health Dept. #2 were received regarding the water at Brownlee Lake Beach.  The results were very good.  The Village Insurance rate has been locked in for 3 years and a letter will be sent to us that will discuss other measures that we can take to improve our insurance coverage.  President Jordan stated that enough money was donated to cover purchasing lights for the new Pear Trees that were planted as part of the Streetscape Project.  Money was received from the following people;

Phil Jordan, Dick Shepherd, Don and Margaret Reed, Larry and Linda Somers, John and Connie Stutzman, Ron and Mary Kossa and Dennis and Cheri Cleary.  The Cleary’s sent a letter that was read at the meeting stating that they were donating the money in memory of Cheri’s parents, Lynn and LaVern Apsey, former Lincoln residents.  A discussion was held regarding the old grainery building/property that has been up for sale through Alcona County.  Council Members all agreed that we do not want the property to be turned over to the Village.  Treasurer Kossa will write the letter that is needed in order to inform the Alcona County Treasurer of our intentions. 

Motion to pay the bills was made by Stutzman with support from Healy.  Carried.  Motion to adjourn was made by Gauthier with support from Stutzman.  Motion carried.


Linda K. Somers

Village Clerk



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