August 2014

August 4, 2014

The Lincoln Village Council met August 4, 2014 at 7 p.m.  at the Village Hall.  Meeting opened with the Pledge of Allegiance.  Present included President Jordan, Treasurer Kossa, Clerk Somers and Council Members Gauthier, Healy, Naylor, Phillips, Somers and Stutzman.   Also present were several guests and Attorney Cook.  
Minutes of the July meeting were approved on a motion from Phillips/Gauthier.  Treasurerís report was approved subject to audit on a motion from Gauthier/Phillips.  

Constance Stutzman, Planning and Zoning Commission chairperson addressed the Council. She reported that all the Village Ordinances have been reviewed and she read a letter asking for Council approval for the revisions/rezoning.  Included in the request were several properties that needed to have zoning changes.  Additionally the ordinances were reviewed and updated.  A public hearing was held on July 30th for residents to voice their concerns.  A motion was made by Gauthier with support from Somers to take the recommendations of the Planning Commission and adopt the ordinance.  Roll call vote was taken:  Gauthier, Healy, Somers, Phillips, Naylor, and Stutzman Ė all ayes.  Motion carried.
Fire Chief Leroy Hall asked for approval to bring Tony Escareno back on the Fire Department and Medical First Responders.   Motion was made by Gauthier/Phillips to accept Tony back to the department.  Next Leroy Hall resigned as fire chief effective immediately.  Motion to accept Leroyís resignation with regret was made by Healy/Gauthier.  Motion to accept Michael Serafin as the new fire chief was made by Gauthier/Stutzman.  Mike will look things over and make a recommendation for an assistant fire chief at a later meeting.  

Steven Slater was introduced as the new Maintenance man for the Village.  He was recommended by the Human Resources committee and is working on a 60 day trial basis.  President Jordan stated that he is in the process of getting things caught up.  Troy Somers, Zoning Administrator stated that he is working on getting some properties cleaned up in the Village.  Attorney Cook stated that there are procedures to follow and it is a time consuming process.  
One bid was received for the Crack Sealing Project and also for Pavement Markings.  One bid was received from East Shore Asphalt and Paving of Lachine MI.  The bid was for pavement markings was $1200.00 total.  The Crack Sealant bid was divided into 4 segments with #1 totaling $11500.00, #2 totaling $4500.00, #3totaling $4700.00 and #4 totaling $1400.00.  Grand total for crack sealing is $22,100 and for pavement markings the grand total is $1200.00.  Following a discussion it was decided to talk with the contractor and bring the matter back to the next Council meeting.  There are concerns about the funding that is necessary to pay for re-doing Main Street in September and not knowing what we will have available for money.  Motion was made by Gauthier to accept the bids and table the awarding of the contract until the September meeting.  Stutzman stated that he would like to see us have the 3 Village owned parking lots seal coated.  He asked if we could request a bid for this and present it at the next meeting.  A bid notice will be placed in the paper to secure bids.

President Jordan presented the Sewer and Street reports.  Several tanks have been cleaned and the Sewer system is operating very well.  Several pot holes have been fixed and there is a large one that will be taken care of this week.  The sink hole on Hawley Street has been repaired.  President Jordan worked with Harold Truman to identify streets that are in need of repair and they put them in order of need.  He hopes to develop a 5 year plan for taking care of all the streets.

In old business Somers stated that the shoulders on Barlow Road need to have gravel placed on the roadsides.  He suggested using the tractor with the blade to pull the dirt up to the edge of the blacktop and hopefully that will help the situation.  Healy asked about the status of Handicapped parking spaces at the Senior Center parking lot.  President Jordan stated that he thinks we should consider painting the handicapped spaces into the lot once it is taken care of.  Somers stated that some gravel needs to be placed by the service drive at the funeral home as the sidewalk is eroding.  Gauthier asked about the salt storage barn that we have been considering building.  Jordan stated that currently we are working with the Road Commission to store salt again this year.  Stutzman stated that there is a broken bench on the picnic table at the playground.  Gauthier said there have been occasions when kids are skate boarding at the tennis courts and they are using the tables for jumps.  Jordan stated that he has talked to the individuals already and we need to further address this issue.  Stutzman asked why the restrooms are closed.  Jordan stated that there is a water leak and the pump is running continually.  The decision was made to close the bathrooms until the leak can be identified and fixed.  It is possible that one of the hydrants is causing the problem.  Stutzman questioned why the fire siren isnít working.  The fire chief will check into it.  

President Jordan stated that we need to look into replacing the 2 garage doors on the fire hall; it needs to be included in the next budget.  The sidewalks that need to be replaced may be able to be repaired using street funds per our auditors.  President Jordan stated that he would like to see sidewalks put along Traverse Bay all the way to Barlow Road.  Stutzman had offered to seek prices for picnic tables.  He is still trying to find something that will hold up and be something we can afford. Gauthier said that if we get wood ones they will be filled with graffiti.  President Jordan asked Stutzman to bring some prices to the next board meeting and make a recommendation.  Addressing the roof at both the Village Hall and the Maintenance Building President Jordan suggested that we need to make a list of priorities.  We only have so much money and we have to decide what is the most important.  Gauthier said she would like to suggest keeping the list of wants/concerns on the board and using them during the budget meetings.

In new business Bonny Gauthier read a letter from a lady concerning the Lincoln Senior Citizen Centersí lack of a handicapped ramp.  She asked for the Councilís help in urging the center to get a ramp installed.  Included with the letter were 2 checks to help pay for a portable ramp.  Attorney Cook advised that we cannot do anything through the Village Council but suggested that Bonny can speak with Susan Krey at the Senior Citizen Center for some help.  Phillips asked about roadways that need attention along the ditch lines.  He also expressed concerns with some dead trees/limbs around the hall that need to be hauled away.  He will show President Jordan the areas of concern.

President Jordan gave his report.  He thanked Harold Truman for all his help with rating the roads in the Village.  Several repairs have been made including spraying for weeds at the tennis courts, tightening hooks on the swings, basketball hoops, and signs were fixed.  Gauthier expressed concern about the hard water at the restrooms and the staining that is taking place.  She would like to see a water softener installed to help.  Broken boards were placed at the playground to keep cars from driving straight through.  Mulch will be delivered for the playground as well as new mats for under the slides.  New ceilings have been put in the old bathrooms thanks to Jeff Wilson and Ted Shaneour.  Eric Monnier helped with rewiring the old bathrooms.  The netting for the ball field has been moved to the drain field area.  If Dick decides to work on it further Jordan suggested getting a work bee together.  The next DDA meeting is being cancelled for meeting at the hall.  Instead it will be held in Traverse City.  The group will be meeting with Wayne and Debbie Barton to discuss an assisted living complex for Lincoln.  Glenn Kohn is running for the Village Council seat that will be vacated by Phil Naylor.  Jerry Ludwiczak has been in contact with President Jordan regarding using the ball fields for their tournaments again.  He is aware that we currently have a water issue but we are willing to order some extra porta potties if necessary.
Motion was made by Gauthier/Stutzman to pay the bills as presented.  Carried.  Motion to adjourn from Gauthier/Stutzman. Carried.  

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