APRIL 2012



April 2, 2012


Lincoln Village Council met on Monday April 2, 2012 at 7 p.m. at the Village Hall.  Meeting was opened with the Pledge of Allegiance.  Present included President Phillip Jordan, Treasurer Mary Kossa, Clerk Linda Somers, Deputy Clerk Constance Stutzman and Council Members: Bonny Gauthier, Sara Healy, Kristin Lask, Philip Naylor, Richard Somers and John Stutzman.  Also present were several guests.   


Minutes of the March Budget Meeting were approved on a motion from Gauthier with support from Stutzman.  Minutes of the regular March meeting were approved on a motion from Gauthier with support from Somers.  Treasurer’s report was approved subject to audit on a motion from Gauthier with support from Lask.  Treasurer Kossa stated that the Alcona County treasurer and the Village have settled their year end taxes. She stated that we will be reimbursed for approximately $7,000 from unpaid taxes.


Leroy Hall, Fire Chief stated that the brush rig is a few months away from completion.  President Jordan asked him to try to have it ready by July.  The old rig will be turned back over to the DNR.  President Jordan asked him to have updated maps for each of the townships that are covered by the Village fire department.  Leroy is currently working on an emergency plan for the village with Elizabeth Galer, Emergency Coordinator for Oscoda County. President Jordan asked about having members of the Fire Department and First Responders show a bigger presence in the community by helping at area events.  He suggested they help with the Easter Egg Hunt and the Car Show.  Gauthier asked about having some tables placed outside the hall during the egg hunt so that people may have a place to sit.  Thanks go out to the Fire Department and First responders  for all their efforts. 


Connie Stutzman stated that the next Planning meeting is scheduled for May 17th with Gustin township officials and Denise Cline from NEMCOG.  Josh Pagels, little league baseball president introduced himself.  He asked about the new field that has been laid out.  An estimate was received for $12,000 to install fencing around the field.  Bonny has applied for grant funds and is waiting to hear about the application.  Although the grant would not completely cover the cost it would certainly help get things started.  A total projection cost had to be submitted and Bonny sent along a note stating that we would provide labor in an attempt to save some money.  Josh stated that he doesn’t foresee having enough to cover the remaining costs this year.  President Jordan asked for Josh to approach the Lincoln Lions for further help at their next meeting.  He asked for a plan from the groups who had originally approached the Council about developing the new diamond.  He stated that the Village wants to continue to help with this project but we need a commitment from the other groups. 

Debbie Shaneour stated that Beautification Committee meeting is being held on April 18th at 10 a.m.  She said they are hoping to get some ideas regarding the banners, flowers etc for the downtown area.  She stated that the benches have arrived and will be assembled soon.  A work bee will be held and Council Members and Lake Association Members are urged to join in the effort.  The aerators on Brownlee Lake will be turned on full time by Friday.  A work bee for Council Members and members of the DDA is being planned for a clean-up project along Barlow Road.  President Jordan asked John Stutzman to get things rolling before the next meeting.  Deb asked about putting some mulch or topsoil around the trees in preparation for flower planting. 


In Old Business Stutzman is pleased that the siren at the hall is working properly.  Gauthier said that she spoke with a gentleman who has some equipment for sale from a business that he is closing down.  She had some specifics and will contact Dave James about possibly looking at the snow removal equipment.  Healy asked about services for a Memorial Day Ceremony.  Jordan asked her to contact Dick Shepard and work with him to put together a plan for the ceremony.  Naylor asked about parking along Second Street and the need for more parking.

In New Business Stutzman stated that he would like to grade the parking lot at the Flights of Imagination.  He has requested 4 of the older flower boxes be set up there.  Somers said he has talked with several people who are willing to kick in some money towards diamond dust for the ballfields.  Thanks to those who are helping out – John and Rita Vecchione of Garden Delight donated $100.00 to get the effort started.  Thank You!!  Naylor said he has seen people chipping golf balls at the new ball diamond, he asked that Council members be vigilant in watching over the area. 

President Jordan gave his report.  He said a meeting was held regarding holes in the new pavement on Second Street.  The meeting involved representatives of Fleis & VanDerbrink and the DVM as well as Goodrich Paving.  He held a meeting with Kathy Adair of MEDC.  She is the person who will be replacing Kent Kukuk and will work with individuals regarding MEDC grant funding.  Jordan expressed concern about closing out the 3 grants as soon as possible.  He asked for her help in securing the façade grant if at all possible.  Currently the State Governor has placed grant funds on hold.  The donated painting from the Alcona Elementary School has been hung in the meeting room.  The Easter Egg Hunt will be held on Saturday April 7th.  Jordan stated that he met with Rick Hill of Lake to Lake transportation LLC.  He is planning to start up a service in the area on May 1st.  The farmers market will open on April 28th at the ARA site.  It will be held on Saturdays for the duration of the summer months.  He said he is asking to have our Zoning Administrator attend the Council Meetings in the future.  Jordan asked about having a meeting for people who will be involved in the dedication of the ball field.  The fire contract with Hawes Township has been received.  Council members expressed their thanks for the continuing support of Hawes Township.  A letter was read from FEMA regarding flood loss and flood plain.  Mary thanked Bonny and Linda for the grant application that was submitted on behalf of the youth ball fields.  Jordan thanked Council Members for their hard work on all the ongoing projects.

Gauthier made a motion to pay the bills as presented.  Healy offered support.   Motion carried.

Motion was made by Gauthier with support from Stutzman to adjourn.  Motion carried.


Linda K.Somers

Village Clerk


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