2014 Oct DDA


2014 Oct DDA


Village of Lincoln

Downtown Development Authority

Meeting Minutes

Oct. 14th, 2014

Present: Bob Jones, B. Ankner, P. Jordan, D. Kruttlin, K Schwartz, E Monnier, K Godi

Absent: D James, E Good, J James

Guests: none

Call to Order: Meeting called to order by Vice President D Kruttlin at 5:34 p.m. and he led the group through the Pledge of Allegiance.

Minutes: K Schwartz motioned to accept the minutes for the Sept. 9th meeting. K Godi gave support and minutes were accepted.

Treasurerís report: Acceptance of treasurerís report postponed till next meeting.

Directorís Report: Items in the previously transmitted Directorís Report were discussed in relative detail.

Old Business: DDA charter comes up for renewal next year. The board needs to make a presentation of a plan to the Village.

The sidewalks will need to be resealed next year and the curbs repainted. As well the railing at the beach and a few other paint projects. The Village is asking for a bit of financial help in doing these projects.

The Village would like to put in a new boat launch, a pavilion and possibly do a fish restocking program. Most of the funding would be in grant form from the state but the parks and recreation plan for the village needs to be redone prior to any grant applications and it will be around $2,400.00. K Swartz motioned the DDA pay up to $1250.00 for the P&R plan. E Monnier gave support, all agreed, motion passed.

K Swartz made a motion to pay Kay Pearson $500 for a promotional video made for Lincoln. B Ankner gave support, all agreed, motion passed.

New Business: The Village is in need of someone to frequently update the website. K Godi volunteered to check with the honor society at the High School to see if they might be interested.

Christmas lights will go up the first week or so in November. They will be turned on Thanksgiving night and off January first. The white lights on the trees will remain on until February.

The Village will have new American flags for the light poles next spring.

K Schwartz motioned to adjourn, D Kruttlin gave support. All agreed, meeting adjourned at 6:41.

Respectfully submitted,

Brian Ankner

Acting Secretary

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