2014 Nov DDA


2014 Nov DDA


Village of Lincoln

Downtown Development Authority

Meeting Minutes

Nov. 11th, 2014

Present: Bob Jones, D James, E Good, J James, B. Ankner, P. Jordan, D. Kruttlin, K Schwartz, E Monnier, K Godi

Absent: none

Guests: none

Call to Order: Meeting called to order by President D James at 5:31 p.m. and he led the group through the Pledge of Allegiance.

Minutes: K Schwartz motioned to accept the minutes for the Oct. 14th meeting. D Kruttlin gave support and minutes were accepted.

Treasurerís report: B Ankner motioned to accept the treasurerís report, subject to audit. K Schwartz gave support, all agreed and report accepted. K Schwartz made a motion to accept the Oct. 14th Treasurerís report, subject to audit, held over since Oct. meeting. D Kruttlin gave support, all agreed and Oct. report was accepted.

Directorís Report: Items in the previously transmitted Directorís Report were discussed in relative detail.

Old Business: none

New Business: K Schwartz motioned to bill the village for an invoice mistakenly paid by the DDA. K Godi gave support, all agreed, motion passed.

D Kruttlin made a motion to give $100 to the Alcona Chamber of Commerce for another year of membership. J James gave support, motion passed by show of hands.

E Good presented the changes found by the auditors. The report shows the Village over paid the DDA by $11,008.66 and the county over paid the DDA by $5,695.88. These amounts will be refunded promptly.

E Good also passed out copies of the new audit by Straley, Lamp & Kraenzlein to the board members.

P Jordan presented: Main Street is finished, 13 streets have had the cracks filled, the lights on the trees are up and ready. He again mentioned the village may need some financial help from the DDA for the grant matching funds to fix up the boat launch, put in a pavilion and a better dock.

K Schwartz motioned to adjourn, D Kruttlin gave support. All agreed, meeting adjourned at 6:41.

Respectfully submitted,

Brian Ankner

Acting Secretary

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