2014 Mar DDA


2014 Mar DDA


Village of Lincoln

Downtown Development Authority

Meeting Minutes

March 11th, 2014

Present: E. Good, Bob Jones, B. Ankner, P. Jordan, D. Kruttlin, E Monnier, K Godi, K Schwartz

Absent: J James, D James

Guests: none

Call to Order: Meeting called to order byVice President D Kruttlin at 5:34 p.m. and he led the group through the Pledge of Allegiance.

Minutes: K Schwartz motioned to accept the minutes for the Feb. E Monnier gave support and minutes were accepted.

Treasurerís report: K Schwartz motioned to accept the Treasurerís report subject to audit. B Ankner gave support, all agreed, report accepted.

Directorís Report: Items in the previously transmitted Directorís Report were discussed in relative detail.

Old Business: K Schwartz made a motion for the DDA to continue supporting the Alcona Chamber of Commerce for another year. Support for the motion came from K Godi, all agreed, support continues. Motion to renew J James and E Good to the board for another 4 years by E Monnier, K Schwartz gave support and all agreed.

New Business: P Jordan mentioned the sidewalks will need to be resealed this year.

The village needs a new facility for salt storage.

The village will be updating all ordinances this year.

Motion to adjourn by K Schwartz, supported by B Ankner, meeting adjourned by D Kruttlin at 6:38pm

Respectfully submitted,

Brian Ankner

Acting Secretary

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